What is Yoga Faith?

I came to Yoga Faith by way of my deep desire to make sense of my walk of faith with Jesus and my passion for yoga. Ive come to realize that yoga is a tool to connect more closely with the heart of Christ. Yoga in Sanskrit is called  'union'. The bible tells us in Mathew 22:36-40 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’  And  ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’. Yoga Faith allows an opportunity for both of those to develop and deepen as we create space for the Holy Spirit to heal and transform our hearts and minds. This creates a depth of knowing his presence and in that we can carry that love out into the world. 

This is a way to worship not only with our prayers but our whole self. Positioning the body in prayer, praise and stillness has a powerful impact. God gave us the breath in our lungs, God gave us our bodies as a temple, God gave us our minds to use all for his glory and purposes. This is an opportunity to align with the Divine Trinity. The question then becomes why wouldn't you use all he has given to seek after him? 

Come check out a Yoga Faith class the last Sunday of the month at 2pm by donation. Lets collect, connect and call heaven to earth and praise Jesus name! 

Namaste, Shalom, Amen