Winter Weather and Class Cancelations

Winter is here and along with it snow, ice and dangerous road conditions. It is always in the interest of the student and the teachers that we play it safe.

* Please note class will be canceled in the morning if Plainwell schools are canceled due to weather conditions. You will be able to check on the local news channel for updates.

*Evening classes will be canceled at the discretion of the instructor and owner based on winter weather conditions.

Please also stay updated though River Bend Yoga's Facebook page and we will also send a courtesy email if the class has been canceled.

Do your best to stay in your practice either though asana or meditation during the time that you would normally come to the studio if class is canceled. What better use of time then to devote to your home practice. The internet has a sea of information and videos to keep you connected to your global yoga community.

Thank you for understanding and your dedication~