Intro to Yoga

6 week course $80


Learn the basics of yoga, from breathing techniques to proper pose alignment. Great for all levels. If you are new to yoga, or maybe a little rusty, this class is for you!  Check 'Workshops' page for when the next session begins.

Yoga for All


Monday 9:30am

Tuesday 6pm

Wednesday 9:30am

 Friday 9:30am


This class takes you through a series of poses in a flowing format, moving with the breath. This energizing class builds strength and improves balance. All levels welcome, including beginners. Drop-ins welcome. 

Vinyasa Flow

Thursday 6:30pm

This class will focus on weaving flows of Asanas (poses) in a Vinyasa style. Moving slowly throughout the postures will allow right alignment of the body and bring awareness of muscles, joints and bones that are involved in the poses. The class will cultivate mental focus, flexibility and strength. 

Yin Yoga

Thursday 9:30am


This mellow class will incorporate deep stretches and restorative postures designed to relax and rejuvenate the body. All Levels.

Hot Yoga

 Saturday 9:00am

This class will loosen the muscles and release toxins. This class will be a combination of balance postures, vinyasa flow and deep stretching. Please bring a full-sized towel and a water bottle. The studio will be heated to about 90 degrees, enough to make you sweat, but not pass out! 

Restorative Yoga

Wednesday 6pm

Is your body craving support and to slow down? Take a midweek pause in this all levels Restorative Yoga practice. This class will be using props to hold the body up to let the mind wind down. It is especially useful when you need to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities. This class is perfect to help you recover from illness, injury, overcome emotional depression and anxiety and to just slow down.

Recovery Yoga

Tuesdays 9:30am

This class is open to people who are interested in learning how Yoga can support one to move through the dis-ease of Addiction. As you integrate a consistent yoga practice on your road to recovery you will start to learn how to make decisions based on present moment awareness, discover a wellspring of strength within you, and perhaps land on compassion and acceptance that is vital for the journey of recovery. If you are in any range of the addiction spectrum and are willing and able to participate in this journey of lifelong healing we look forward to practicing with you one day at a time one breath at a time.  *This class is by donation

Yoga Faith

Last Sunday of the Month 2pm-3:15pm

This is an all levels donation based Yoga Faith class. We will be weaving in prayer and scripture from the bible in a sacred space. No experience necessary. 

Sundays class donations will go to further a local or global mission of the month.